I cannot use the functionality of the WordPress theme


I’m using the WordPress theme “Maicha Blog” and have the following problems:

Theme features (as seen in the demo) missing:

  • Main image slider
  • Columns
  • Images do not appear in the format shown (in the demo). I’m not sure if I have to format the images in a specific manner before posting. I thought that the theme would just crop them to the desired format.

I have noticed that no matter what the theme is, the website structure seems to look the same (main content on the left, menu bar on the right). The fonts change and some theme characteristics are incorporated but the main structure seems to be the same.


  • My homepage is not a static page
  • There’s only one plugin that I need to install and it’s not available. It is an Instagram plugin so I don’t think it should have anything to do with how the homepage is displayed.
  • I have tried working with the theme customizer to activate the elements but doing so just refreshes the webpage and does not update anything.

The website can be found at: pulse.findlay.edu

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