Hyperlink a URL given by a shortcode


I am using a referral system with myCred plugin. Idea is that users get points when visitors or new members register from the user’s link.

The user link is given by a shortcode :
[mycred_affiliate_link url=”https://www.onedevice.eu/”]

will give the URLv : https://www.onedevice.eu/?mref=testUser

When the shortcode is applied on a page it works great. But now I’d like to add hyperlink this URL to a picture (in order to make social share buttons).

Just hyperlinking the shortcode does not work.

Using a plugin called “Sassy Social Share” which basically makes share icons. They give a shortcode where you can specify the URL to share :
[Sassy_Social_Share url=”https://www.onedevice.eu/”]

So I tried to nest the shortcodes together :
[Sassy_Social_Share url= [mycred_affiliate_link url=”https://www.onedevice.eu/”] ]

But it doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

PaddleStroke 3 years 2019-10-27T03:06:29-05:00 0 Answers 85 views 0

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