htaccess – Rewriting subfolders to specific parent folder in WordPress


I have created one page with name /parent/ and assigned new template template-parent.php that has some 3rd party software showing via JavaScript. I need to rewrite all subfolders to this parent so when someone tries to access

the url will remain the same, but he will be pointed to so that loaded scripts could process the request.

The code should be something like this

RewriteRule ^(parent)/(.+)$ /$1/ [QSA,L]

but I am not sure where to put it, should I use .htaccess or put it in functions.php
If in htaccess, then will it be before, after or in the middle of wordpress code.

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    That RewriteRule won’t work regardless where it is placed in the .htaccess file, so you should instead use add_rewrite_rule() – or there is add_rewrite_endpoint(), but if you want to target specific Pages only, then the former function is better.

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