how would i do the count of – how many entries are associated with a field inside gravity forms? [closed]


I got a form in gravity forms which its going to be used in a multiple pages. So the client would like to know on count the entries that were sent from an url or another url, for instance

url1: 28 entries
url2: 12 entries

i have placed the merge tag {entry_post:ID} in order to classify the entries and where they belong (referring to the page that thet are coming in)

Now the question is: How to display in front-end (specifically in page where the form is) the numbers of entries that belongs only to that page/post? i mean, instead of showing 40 entries as total, it must display 28 entries in url1 as that quantity were sent from that URL/post ID

If you have an idea of how to achieve that, please let me know

I used this plugin but it counts all entries and displat that total I need the display by each page where they were sent

If additional details are required, just let me know,

Thank you very much for help that you can bring me on this!

Jose Daniel 3 years 2020-03-26T16:52:44-05:00 0 Answers 94 views 0

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