How to write SQL query to get data by multiple conditions?


I do not know English at all, so I am writing through a translator. My knowledge is very limited

There are posts on wordpress, these are orders, on these orders 4 fields are created through the Advanced Custom Fields plugin: rab-1, rab-2, sum-rab-1, sum-rab-2.

Each order can be carried out by one or two workers, so the fields rab-1, rab-2 mean the first line and the second line of work, also depending on the line, sum-rab-1, sum-rab-2 are paid.

The rab-1, rab-2 fields contain the employee’s data, his id (for example, 981,982,983), and the earnings in the sum-rab-1, sum-rab-2 fields.

enter image description here

At the output, I would like the following for employee 981

enter image description here

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