How to use wordpress function wp_enqueue_script() in php?


I have a php function as shown below. The following function is being used at many places.

function render_brightcove_player($active_feed, $poster_image = false)
    $poster = '';
    if ($poster_image) {
        $poster = 'poster=' . esc_url($poster_image);
    <div class="hsc-video" onclick="hscLogo()">
        <div class="hsc-video__inner">
            <script src="//"></script>
    HSC_TEMPLATE_URL . "/assets/js/miscellaneous.js"

I have added wordpress function wp_enqueue_script(). Inside miscellaneous.js file I am using:

function hscLogo() {
    document.getElementsByClassName("hsc-tv-logo")[0].style.display = "none";

I am wondering if that is the right way to use wp_enqueue_script() function in php. Do I need to place wp_enqueue_script() somewhere else ?

This is the first time I am using wp_enqueue_script in wordpress. Here is the tree structure of javascript folders/files.

enter image description here

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