How to support fifteen thousand terms in WordPress?


I am working with a WordPress website which will support the creation of listings. These listings can be associated with a geographical area, specifically, an address in a suburb in Australia. I created a simple PHP script which I run from the command line to add in my terms into my custom taxonomy.

However, when I attempt to view the locations I am adding into the site, I get an error about memory being exhausted.

enter image description here

This error appears while trying to view the list of locations. All in all, I am trying to add in 15280 Australian suburbs into the taxonomy.

I currently have the memory limit in my wp-config.php file set to 512MB, I don’t want to increase it because it feels like a hack. There must be something else going on here, as I would have thought pagination would mean the queries are actually not getting much data back at all for each page.

Dwayne Charrington 2 months 0 Answers 12 views 0

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