How to show WP addon installation path during installation?


I wonder how is it possible to see what is the addon installation path in ftp (folder name) during addon installation. I mean when we upload addon and then we have these texts saying that addon is being installed etc. When we have already installed an addon, and we try again to install it then we have information saying that it’s not possible because addon already exists, and WP shows us a path. I would like to achieve something like that during installation. I need to know folder name after addon installation.

I know it’s simple when we modify WP code, maybe we can even copy and paste already existing code which shows us a path to addon when try to install an already existing addon, but I’m not so good in php programming. Maybe there is .. an addon with such functionality? 🙂

Konrad Bartczak 4 years 2020-03-29T08:51:31-05:00 0 Answers 95 views 0

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