How to show cities according to state in Contact Form 7 using Javascript or jQuery [closed]


I am working on the Contact Form 7 and I want to show the cities according to state in contact form 7.

I have also used the plugin but it is not working according to the condition and I don’t want the country field in that. That’s why I am trying the own code.

I cant ask this question in Contact Form 7 Forum because this is developer need and it requires some JavaScript knowledge.

My Code:

[select* your-state first_as_label "Select Your State*" "Andaman and Nicobar Islands" "Andhra Pradesh" "Arunachal Pradesh" "Assam" "Bihar" "Chandigarh" "Chhattisgarh" "Dadra and Nagar Haveli" "Daman and Diu" "Delhi" "Goa" "Gujarat" "Haryana" "Himachal Pradesh" "Jammu and Kashmir" "Jharkhand" "Karnataka" "Kerala" "Ladakh" "Lakshadweep" "Madhya Pradesh" "Maharashtra" "Manipur" "Meghalaya" "Mizoram" "Nagaland" "Odisha" "Puducherry" "Punjab" "Rajasthan" "Sikkim" "Tamil Nadu" "Telangana" "Tripura" "Uttar Pradesh" "Uttarakhand" "West Bengal"]

[select* your-city first_as_label "Select Your City*"]

I have the cities list:

Any help is much appreciated.

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