How to set up redirects for category paginated pages after adding /category/ to permalink


We have a site using WPML and the category archives like /categoryname/page/2 weren’t working in the secondary language. I added /category/ to the permalink and now the pagination works, but I need help getting the paginated archive links to 301 redirect.

  1. I set up manual redirects for the main category archives using the Redirection plugin:
    • Ex: /categoryname/ redirects to: /category/categoryname/
  2. I need help with redirecting the paginated pages in the category archive.
    • Ex: redirects to
  3. Single posts haven’t been redirected because they work fine with /category/ in the permalink, and I’d love to keep it as-is if possible.
, Rebecca M 6 years 2016-09-04T07:03:47-05:00 0 Answers 100 views 0

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