How to scale/resize-image without hard cropping in wordpress with original upload image


How to scale/auto-resize/control-image-size like professional sites with original upload images, not with already hard cropped images? It’s for WordPress.

I don’t want to be allowed to crop an image in WordPress using default features. For this reason, I’ve disabled the WordPress image cropping feature using settings and codes. It will help me to reduce hosting space. I want to keep the originally uploaded image, and I want to use a specific image size on WordPress post thumbnail using the scaling feature, for example, bellow.

Not like this (WordPress feature)×400.jpg

Like this Method:

They don’t have separate image size to display for thumbnail. They are using original images with scale/auto-resize features. So, images are loading with a specific size, not the full image.
And, you can change the value as per need of the image scale and they are still resizable.

I know some premium services for this solution, including image CDN, serve Webp version image, scaling/size control, and more. But, I can’t afford the premium for now.

How to use this scaling feature in WordPress, without premium service.

Note: Sorry for the long question but I think it will help you to understand. And I’m not good at English.

Many thank in advance

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