How to recover wordpress website moved from a PC to another


I am a beginner at website designing. I have just switched laptops so I removed everything from my old laptop and transferred it to a new one through a 1 TB drive. In that went my xampp, and consequently, the wordpress folder.

I was working on a wordpress website through local host. It’s all done. I just need to upload it to Cpanel (I dont know how yet. Watching youtube videos and moving forward. As I said, a complete beiginner)

I tried opening the website on new laptop. Research said I had to import phpmyadmin from the old laptop. Now I cant open the website on either laptops and am stuck. I will really appreciate suggestions. I need to get this website live asap.

Maham 2 years 2020-01-07T08:41:03-05:00 0 Answers 68 views 0

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