How to pre-fill Google Forms URLs with logged-in WordPress user’s data


We need to have our logged-in users’ data (username , Email , First Name , Last Name) pre-fill the links to Google Forms existing on our site.


We have Google Forms spread out on our site that our students (youngsters aged 6-11) under the customized role students, take as tests. The problem is that they keep making mistakes when writing their names, emails, etc.
The links to the forms look like: Click here for the test

So, we would like to pre-fill these various links with their User Data as they are stored in the WordPress database.


This is the actual link for the demo form for this post:

We always keep the same pattern (as far as structure goes) for the first sections that identify the student.

user data

If we use the pre-fill feature of the form for:

LoginName: STUDENT 01  
FirstName: First
LastName: Last

We get the following link:

Breaking down and analyzing the link, we notice the following parts:

  • 1st part of the link: telling Google it is a form

  • 2nd part of the link: the ID of the specific form

  • 3rd part of the link /viewform/ followed by a ?

  • 4th part of the link: this is where exist the positions and the data of the pre-fill.
    Since we always keep -as mentioned- the same structure, we will always get the same positions joint by &, like:

    • entry.646601418=STUDENT+01


    • entry.1176284616=First

    • entry.165661554=Last

How to solve

I think that using an if action that combines current_user_can( 'student' ) , public function init , wp_get_current_user() and maybe some JS with onclick could solve this issue by replacing the above mentioned data with the ones retrieved from WordPress for a logged-in student for every link starting with the 1st part that identifies a Google Form.

Unfortunately I am lost on how to do this. So.
How could one pre-fill Google Forms URLs with logged in WordPress user’s data?
Or in other words:
How to dynamically populate already existing external links with user data in WordPress.

EDIT: Further clarification

There is not just one Google Form present, but many. This means that the 2nd part of the URL (Form ID ) is constantly changing.

So the workflow to the solution could be an action where:

If user has the role student (or is logged)
And if any given URL starts with
Keep the part
Keep the part of the looooong Form ID until the next /
Add a /viewform/?
Add entry.646601418= And (dynamically) Fill in current Login Name
Add entry.280532864= And (dynamically) Fill in current Email
Add entry.1176284616= And (dynamically) Fill in current First Name
Add entry.165661554= And (dynamically) Fill in current Last Name
Produceonclick for non-admin pages the new URL
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