How to pass values from one function to the other using an array variable


Hello I have a function that passes values to other functions using javascript without reloading page.

The first action of the javascript below gets values from a form and sends to php via a call back function formbuilder_ajax_call. In my php script i return these form values as an array so i can call it in other functions. Below is my code:


       jQuery("#button_to_load_data").click(function() {
       var email = $("#email").val();
       var other_email = $("#other_email").val();
       var subject = $("#subject").val();
       var sender = $("#sender").val();
       var message = $("#message").val();
       var form_name = $("#form_name").val();
       var content = getPlainHtml();
 //    alert(content);
     var data = {
        'action'   : 'formbuilder_ajax_call', // the name of your PHP function!
        'form_content' : content,           // another random value we'd like to pass
        'email' : email,
        'other_email' : other_email,
        'subject' : subject,
        'sender' : sender,
        'message' : message,
        'form_name' : form_name,
       var data1 = {
        'action'   : 'make_short_code'
        }; , data, function(response) {
     });, data1, function(response) {


function formbuilder_ajax_call(){

  $form_content = trim($_POST['form_content']); // these values are from a form
  $email = trim($_POST['email']);
  $other_email = trim($_POST['other_email']);
  $subject = trim($_POST['subject']);
  $sender = trim($_POST['sender']);
  $message = trim($_POST['message']);
  $form_name = trim($_POST['form_name']);

  $form_array = array(); 

  $form_array = array(

  "form_content" => $form_content,
  "email" => $email,
  "other_email" => $other_email,
  "subject" => $subject,
  "sender" => $sender,
  "message" => $message,
  "form_name" => $form_name,


   return  $form_array;

 function make_short_code() { 

 $get_mailinfo = formbuilder_ajax_call();



I am using var_dump to see the content being passed in make_short_code but its only the array key values from formbuilder_ajax_call() that are passed and not the content values that was stored in the array. However the values are passed in the

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