How to output comments in Descending order by date using wp_list_comments?


I am using the following code to output comment html:

$args = array (
    'post_id' => 805,
    'status' => 'approve'

    $comments = get_comments( $args );
    $comments_html =  wp_list_comments( apply_filters(
        'page' => 2,
        'echo' => false,
        'callback' => 'woocommerce_comments' 
        )), $comments);

I used error_log to output $comments and it seems to be in descending order, which is correct as the setting for comment display in Settings > Discussions is "Comments should be displayed with the newer comments at the top of each page".

However, on running wp_list_comments, the order gets messed up. How to make this work with wp_list_comments?

dc09 1 year 2022-01-26T08:26:23-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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