How to not treat categories as tags in feeds


Basically we’re (ab)using Category to determine whether a post is a News post or a Blog post, and so it’s not a category in the traditional sense to the outside world. I’d like the category to not be indexed by feed-readers/crawlers, only the tags.

I found an easy way to do it with an easy change to 1 function in the core, but I’d rather avoid that if possible.

Is there a way to do that without modifying core? (Specifically get_the_category_rss in wp-includes/feed.php)

What I mean specifically is to not list the category in the feed. For example, this is what part the current RSS2 feed looks like:


“blog” is a WordPress Category, while “test”, “testing”, and “yeah!” are WordPress Tags.

What I want is to exclude the entry <category><![CDATA[blog]]></category> entirely from the feed. The same should apply to Atom feeds and any others.

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