How to make the show as a button?


So currently my blog post has a “Pages: Next page” at the bottom of my blog post
by putting <!--nextpage-a-> in the editor where I wanted to stop the first page. Also with the <?php wp_link_pages( array ( 'next_or_number' => 'next' ) ); ?> in the single.php file.

Now if I wanted to make the “Pages: Next Page” a button with “Next Page” instead, what should I do to achieve this? I’m not super familiar with WordPress codex and I could only come up with the wacky solution like putting an image file that looks like the button that links to the next page but I would like to make it an actual button instead. It doesn’t even need to have the previous page button.

, Mustapanda Cs 3 years 2020-06-01T15:10:20-05:00 0 Answers 82 views 0

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