How to make my wordpress site Multi-region


I have a website that I want to make multi-region. In this case I want some pages of the website to be different on each region, also the menu should be different.

For example. I want a website that will be available in Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

I want that when you enter the URL: it shows you the Colombian version of the homepage, the menu for the colombian site and even somepages can be the same, let’s say for example: should display the same page as

I don’t want to duplicate pages because It’d make the administration a true hell when we have 4, 5 other regions to add.

What plugin do you recommend for this? I tried Polylang to emulate this behavior, but I’m having problems trying to re-use pages instead of duplicating them.

JuanBonnett 2 years 2020-01-14T08:38:54-05:00 0 Answers 78 views 0

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