How to make edited theme into homepage


I have been editing/customizing what I thought was my homepage until I realized I never added a new homepage under “general settings”. When I click ‘static page’ and add a new page to ‘posts page’ and/or add a new “homepage’ I loose everything I edited. The current page I am edited does not appear as a ‘page’ anywhere on my dashboard, so I was unable to use the duplicate post plugin. I did install insert pages plugin but not sure what to do from there.

How can I make the current page I have been editing into my homepage and add a posts page without loosing any edits? If thats is not possible, how can I transfer data to new homepage in order to keep changes I have made?

, Fern 3 years 2020-04-01T04:50:58-05:00 0 Answers 59 views 0

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