How to limit specific user ID to 5 comments per post?


Can someone please give me a function to limit a specific User ID to 5 comments per post? I found several questions on how to put a limit of one comment per post on all users. However, I need to place the limit on only a single User ID. When I tried to modify the code to specify a single user ID it instead applied the limit to all users based on that one ID.

I found a plugin Limit Comments and Word Count that includes an option to place a limit on a specific User ID but for some reason that plugin doesn’t work on my site. When I place the limit then no comments will go through for that User ID. It just gives a blank screen after hitting the comment button.

Anyway, if someone can give me a simple function to limit the number of comments per post from a specific User ID I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

, rrhdev 3 years 2020-04-06T04:51:01-05:00 0 Answers 88 views 0

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