How to intercept already localized scripts


If a plugin uses some script (prominent example: jQuery UI Datepicker), but you’re not happy with how the script renders the output, then there’re two possibilities:

1. Unregister the script > Add your own version

So first you’d need to check the handle, then find the priority and the hook (wp_enqueue_scripts, login_enqueue_scripts, etc.) … you know the drill.

2. Change the jQuery plugin parameters

Normally – if the plugin isn’t crap – it pushes through the parameters from PHP to JS using

wp_localize_script( $handle, $object_name, array( 
    // data
) );

Now this is a smart way of adding your data to a JS script, but … it’s not filterable by default. Neither WP_Scripts nor WP_Dependencies offers any filter users can later utilize

Question: How can we filter the arguments/parameters that are moved from PHP to Javascript using wp_localize_script?

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