How to include two disjoint (NO parent–> child relationship) Custom taxonomy in permalink of a Custom post type?


This is a long standing question but i am not sure it has been properly addressed. So let me ask it again and will keep it simple.


My domain name —>

Custom Post Type —> Tours

Custom Taxonomy1 —> Destination (I have defined 3 possible values “London”, “Amsterdam”, “Delhi”)

Custom Taxonomy2 –> Activity (I have defined two possible values “Walking”,”Cycling”)

Each “Tours” post type is assigned one value for Destination and one value for Activity.

Output required:

How can i achieve following:

1) —-> list all posts of CPT =”Tours”

2) —-> list all post with Destination = “London” and Activity =”Cycling”

3) —>list all posts with Destination = “London” (whatever the Activity may be)

4)—>list all posts with Activity = “Walking” (whatever the Destination may be)

5) —> displays the post of CPT = Tours and postnane = “ExoticLondoncyclingtour”.

Trust me I have read all the similar posts and none of the codes work. Most of these posts are many many years old.

Feel free to direct me to a agency or developer who can fulfil this requirement.

My email is


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