How to get the webshop page i 2:nd language, with Polylang and Hyyan


I have moved content from one WP (server) to another. I use WooCommerce, Polylang and Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration. I might have done something wrong in the setup. I have a shop page in Swedish, and it’s marked as “webshop page” (in swedish it is ‘butikssidan’) in the listing of pages. It has version in English but – the english version is not marked “webshop page”. How can I mark the other webshop page as “webshop page”?
I looked in the database after where this assignment is done but didn’t find …

, Valter Ekholm 3 years 2020-03-28T16:52:11-05:00 0 Answers 123 views 0

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