How to get the generated query string of wp_remote_get?


I have some very basic data that I am posting to a proprietary lead capturing system. Whenever I submit my form data to their system the body of the request is an error 500 page.

I am trying to debug the problem with their developer, it clearly doesn’t like something in my query string, and he would like to be able to test it on his end.

However, I’ve scoured through Google results and the WordPress codex and I cannot find a way to pull the query string that is generated from something like:

$result = wp_remote_get( ‘’, array( ‘body’ => array(
‘foo’ => ‘bar’ ) ) );

I would expect the query string to look something like:

Anyone have any tip on how to get this generated URL/query string?

Gazillion 4 years 2020-06-25T07:10:53-05:00 0 Answers 80 views 0

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