How to find an orphaned page


I’m having a problem with WordPress improperly dealing with slugs due to what looks like an orphaned post competing with an active page. I’ll try to explain:

I originally created what I thought was a page However, it appeared as a post, EVEN THOUGH when I look in Posts, nothing is there! So I trashed it. I then emptied the trash. I then re-created the page and tried to use the same slug, i.e. WordPress wouldn’t accept that and is auto-renaming the url as I confirm that is still there and looks like a post, even thought it is not listed in Posts (or pages). I also confirm that does exist as a page in Pages > All pages and looks like a page.I don’t want the phantom I want to purge it and then rename to Sorry if that’s really long winded.

So obviously the (post?) has not disappeared. Where did it go? How can I find it and purge it? If it matters, I’m using the Divi theme.

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