How to echo custom styles in css format?


I’m usually do dynamic-style.php file for making dynamic css codes from theme options, shortcode, customizer and all others.

But, you may already know it’ll slow down our site speed. I would highly target to have custom style format in our header or footer echo like within : style tag.

Also, searching for hover option within our shortcode it self? I done that by adding fields. But, little confusion about how to echo hover within our style=”” itself. So, it should be fine if each shortcode have unique class name and we can add :hover there.

Like :

.element-class-9123 {color: white;}
.element-class-9123:hover {color: black;}

If you’ve better method, please let me know. It would really helpful for me.


, Ansif 8 years 2016-01-22T07:16:50-05:00 0 Answers 82 views 0

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