How to Dynamically Resize WordPress Image On-The-Fly (custom field/theme option)


So – at a client’s request, I am in need of being able to resize an image not the standard WordPress way… but from an image pulled-in from a theme option. I can’t simply use the custom_header area, as there will be two or three (I also have some options once the image is uploaded to let the user choose how the link should function (page, post, category, no link, external link, etc)). I’m using Options Framework Theme with great success and I can retrieve the image src just fine, it’s a matter of if this can somehow be used in combination with the add_image_size() function normally used for post thumbnails. I’d REALLY rather not go the timthumb route and stick with WordPress APIs (I know that’s a little contradictory to what I am doing in the first place…). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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