How to delete resized (cropped) image uploads and prevent future resizing?


I want to delete all the resized images while leaving the original image. I have more than 20 GB of unused data taking up room on the server. For example:

  • first-image-name.jpg
  • first-image-name-72×72.jpg
  • first-image-name-150×150.jpg
  • first-image-name-250×250.jpg
  • first-image-name-300×300.jpg
  • first-image-name-400×400.jpg
  • first-image-name-1024×1024.jpg
  • second-image-name.jpg
  • second-image-name-72×72.jpg
  • second-image-name-150×150.jpg
  • second-image-name-250×250.jpg
  • second-image-name-300×300.jpg
  • second-image-name-400×400.jpg
  • second-image-name-1024×1024.jpg

Is there a way to delete all the resized images and disable creating such ones in the future?

Mohamed Gamal 4 months 0 Answers 15 views 0

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