How to deal with global accessible information without creating a singleton class


I am trying to walk away from the Singleton (anti-)pattern when it comes to develop plugins for WordPress.

But I still want to have an object with properties where multiple classes along different plugins can write and read those properties.

And I sincerely do not know how to approach this.

Can you please let me know how you would do it?

There may be different cases with different solutions, so I will suppose a real example.


A plugin called “Example Form” creates a custom form on the WordPress site.

The form is processed via a method added to the init hook by the plugin class.

public static function setup_actions_and_filters(){
   $this_class = new self();
   add_action('init', [$this_class, 'process_form']);

I don’t have access to that instance of the class because I called a satic setup method in the main plugin file.


Did I come up with my own ideas?


I thought about:

  • Using the database – Horrible idea
  • Using cookies – Terrible idea
  • Using sessions – Not so nice
  • Using globals – I have read many times that it’s not a good idea to use them
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