How to create tutorials/book in WordPress


I am working on a technical tutorials website using WordPress. I looked for ways to create tutorials i.e. Table of Contents should be in left sidebar and when user clicks on any chapter link, it should open the content in right section, but I could not any tutorials on how to do it in WordPress. Sample tutorial the way I want to create my tutorials:, another example would be gitbooks.

I tried few LMS plugins but I am not planning to create complete courses and don’t need additional complexity of registration, course completion etc. In plain HTML this can be done using frames but I am not sure if WordPress has a simpler way.

I tried doing this by embedding a Nav Menu in Elementor’s left layout but it doesn’t looks proper and links open in new page instead of right section. In the image below, menu doesn’t looks good in Astra theme and opens new page. Any pointers are highly appreciated.

enter image description here

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