How to create an API for my plugin?


I have been developing plugins for WordPress, most plugins I have developed use two or three classes, hence not as huge as Buddypress or WooCommerce.

I am planning to develop two open source plugins to deliver some sort of complex system (can’t share details at the moment but later during development) where other developers can customize functions and the system for them needs to be the same as Buddypress and WooCommerce.

As I check those plugins files and realize they have registered their own actions and filters which developers can modify as per need. However, my problem is being unable to completely understand, how I should write a plugin where others have the flexibility to override functions as well as add their own.

I know that it is difficult to give a definite answer, but I need some sort of a start-up guide so I can go in the right direction. Do I need to register my own actions and filters? If yes how? if not then, what are my options?

Your advice will help me a lot… Thanks

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