How to create a WordPress PAGE in another folder?


I have a URL Shortening script running on the homepage while there is a WordPress installation on another folder named blog. So that would look like this

The problem is that I need to be able to create “PAGES” for terms, about, FAQ, private policy, etc. Whenever a page is created in WordPress for let’s say “terms” then a page like this is created:

What the URL really should be is The reasoning is because the homepage’s script has it’s own links pointing to it’s own pages and blog.

So far since I have successfully managed to create the WordPress blog in then this overwrites the links in the homepage’s own blog so that they point to the actual WordPress blog.

So I am thinking that if that is possible then it should be possible to have the links in the homepage point to “Pages”, which I want to be “Pages” that were actually created in WordPress.

In other words, how can I create, move, recreate, or duplicate which I actually want to be located at so that the homepage links can point to that instead?

I only have limited knowledge on php scripts and none as far as database tables are concerned. If I could create a php file for this then that would be so greatly appreciated.

I have a child-theme for the WordPress installation that php files can be placed in. The homepage’s script is all in php and MySQL.

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