How to configure food products with sizes and mixes [closed]


I want to create some Food products for sale in a WooCommerce enabled store; the product comes in several sizes;

Small (3 scoops)
Medium (5 scoops)
Large (20 scoops)

When a user selects the size, they then need to select which filling they want a scoop of; and they can have as many scoops of the same item, or of any combination of items until they hit the scoops limit.

They must pick the required number of scoops to add to basket.

i.e John picks size small, so I want him to have to choose which food he wants scoops of, in this case I will show say 30 options, and he can say he wants 1 peanuts and 2 flax seed scoops; then he can get it added to the basket.

No stock control is needed. I would like to have a photo of each variation.

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