How to Bulk Update Content written in VisualComposer?


So my client have a website which they manage through marketing people, they need constant changes here and there to get their sales up and research on different user behaviours.

They are currently using VisualComposer to create page structure and they would like to update very little details like text on a button or background color of a particular section.
They have several languages to translate the content into and for that they are using Polylang to have translated posts.

When they need to put content (text, images) onto a page (created from VC), they use a modified plugin, which puts posts inside another post through shortcode, and put a shortcode in the section where they want this post content to go to. (Actual posts are never published they are drafted.)

Now for each post they have to keep n translations and then put all of these n + 1 posts in their own page where several other posts like these are embedded. They need to create same pages for each language, but VC gives a Global Template extension which lets you save page template and then create pages from same template.

So now they have multiple posts and multiple pages and they combine them for specific region based on language.

The problem arises when they need to update this content, for page template they can update global template and it updates all pages created with that template, for posts they need to update each translated post to update content on pages. But when they create a new post they have to repeat these steps and go to all pages they want to embed this and place shortcode there.

Are there any solutions to bulk updating content and templates? I have talked to VC support and they denied such functionality. I looked into how they use templates and it seems they have their own json structure through which they show it in editor and later save resulting HTML in post_content.

Similarly for Polylang they create new post for every translation, so now we have several new ids/slugs of a post which need to be placed on VC created pages. but we can’t add these posts in VC through plugin since we don’t know how the final page will look like nor there’s any API which lets us control VC json and then update HTML in post_content.

TLDR; Is there any plugin or a solution which can generate and manipulate VC’s json and from which final HTML is generated for page along with posts which are embedded in actual page or a place where posts can be created and updated all at once and placed on pages.

Thanks for reading.

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