How to build custom route by adding taxonomies to URL ? ex:


I am trying to achieve this in WordPress, but no luck

Here ‘/communities‘ is custom Taxonomy of post type ‘PAGE’, ‘/Palo-alto‘ is term from communities taxonomy .

  1. I want user first to click on communities which will show all communities in grid, URL should be

  2. then after he can select one community from list, ex he select ‘Palo-alto’ , then URL should be

BASICALLY here each community has its own home page , linked by communities taxonomy , like ‘Palo-alto’ has its own home page, ‘las-Vegas’ has its own, I want to show home page of particular community

problem is that I don’t want .php at end of URL just

Extra : after solving this issue I also want to show ‘gallery’, ‘events’, ‘downloads’ for that particular community ex; ,

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