How to Build a Movie Library in WordPress 3.x


To help me learn WordPress development, I’d like to go “beyond the blog” and build a personal movie library — similar to IMDb but on a much smaller scale.

I need help understanding how to approach the project in WordPress and what I need to learn.

Here are the types of things I’d like to do on the site:

  • When you visit an actor’s page, the actor’s films are retrieved from the database and displayed. You can sort the movies by year, title, rating, etc. You can also click on the movie title to go to that movie’s page.

  • When you visit a movie’s page, the actors in the movie are retrieved from the database and displayed along with information like a movie summary, my rating, and whether I own the DVD.

  • On the homepage, you can perform a search for movies. For instance, if I’m in the mood for an ’80s comedy, I can search for movies in the Comedy genre released between 1980-1989 and that I own on DVD.

I can already write all of the PHP and MySQL that’s needed, but I don’t understand where the code actually goes in WordPress. For example…

  • Would this application require building a plug-in, or just adding code to my theme?

  • Would each actor’s page be treated as a “page” or would it be treated as a post?

  • For the actor pages, where would the query go that retrieves the list of movies?

  • When the search form is submitted, where is the script located that would process the search request?

I’m just looking for a push in the right direction regarding how WordPress would handle an application like this. Thanks in advance!

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