How to automatically cancel Woocommerce order before the payment completes?


On my WordPress / Woocommerce website I sell car history reports which I fetch through an API.

Only after a customer presses the “pay now” button on my website, the API will be called.

Sometimes, however, the API is not able to correctly return the report. In this case, I like to automatically cancel the payment. How do I do this?

The reason I want to do this is so that I don’t have to send a manual refund to the customer later on.

For extra clarity; the flow is as follows:

  • Customer presses “pay now” button
  • Order status changes to “processing”
  • API is called
  • correct/incorrect return from the API is received
  • IF incorrect return -> completely abort/cancel the order and make sure that the payment doesn’t complete

What function do I need to call to implement this last step? Does Woocommerce offer a function that aborts the payment process?

Thanks in advance.

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