How to add Bulk Edit menu in Media Library


WordPress offers a “Bulk actions > Edit” dropdown menu for all content types (Posts, Pages, custom posts), which allows to bulk edit taxonomies (Categories, Tags) as well as Author, Status etc.

This menu isn’t available for the Media Library.

I needed to categorize a large Media Library, therefore I added Categories for media, by using “register_taxonomy” on the “attachments” content type.

When doing this, WordPress conveniently adds a metabox on the “edit” page.

However, when viewing media in list view (on the wp-admin/upload.php page), there is no “Edit” action available under “Bulk actions”.

Is there a tweak that allows this “Edit” action to become available ?

Manu 1 year 2022-11-29T07:17:49-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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