How To Add Banner Ads Between Posts With WordPress/Kadence/Ads Inserter


I have a website that currently inserts banner ads on the front of my woocommerce website after the 6th product (between rows 2 and 3) and after the 12th product (between rows 4 and 5). This location does really well. I did this using the “Ad Inserter” plugin, and it was easy. No changes to the loop, css, or anything else.

You can see this on my live site at, which is running the Storefront theme.

Now I’m changing my theme to Kadence, but the same ads using the same plugin and ad insertion location (after products 6 and 12) get inserted into an actual poroduct location, instead of getting their own row. I’d like to override this. I thought maybe I could do it with custom css, but so far haven’t figured that out.

You can view the problem on my offline staging site at:

If anyone has ideas on how I can accomplish making my ads appear on their own row on my staging site under the Kadence theme, please let me know. It’s the only thing holding me back from getting my new theme online.


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