How I could save IDs of search results of FacetWP in DB?


I would like use FacetWP along with ACF in order to create Questions as CPTs that will have difficulty, grade, rating and other like that fields and I want to be searchable using WP AJAX.

Those search results I would like the Frontend user to be able to gather them and make a composite item that will be an Exam (a set of questions). Using the jquery sortable preferably. So later a user can save/edit them from frontend again using WP AJAX.

My main pain is how I gather the selected items from search and put them inside a sortable in order to make the list and how I submit them to DB so can later can edit them.

Are there any Hooks to use for that?
Do you maybe have a guide for achieving something like that?

I am missing a way on how to glue them together the selected search results and storing them to DB via WP AJAX part.


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