how does javascript library work?


I’m building a custom dashboard and I’d like to add a feature which allows a user to upload an image.

However, by calling (with a title, button & multiple args) javascript throws an error this.activateMode is not a function – Shouldn’t it pop-up the media view/modal?

For clarifying, I’m calling in a button’s click event callback
function. And yes, I load all the necessary styles/scripts by calling wp_enqueue_media(); and I do see them in the page’s source code. And is not undefined, so it is loaded.

WordPress has very limited dev docs overall, so I’m not sure what dependencies has/needs in order to work properly. I dove into the source code but couldn’t find an answer. Seems like it should work properly by simply calling the

So…. What I’m missing?

Sure I could build my own modal for media CRUD actions by using WP REST API but it would be a time-consuming process.

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