How do you create dynamic customised sections in WordPress?


I am very new to WordPress and I just like to ask a fundamental question about its structure.

I understand that WordPress uses different files as templates for different sections or types of pages. What I’d like to know is what if I have certain parts within the page that contains other bits of data like in the image below (the ones with the question marks):

enter image description here

Let’s say, referring to the image above, that the 3 boxes in a row will display reviews and the 2 boxes in a row at the bottom will display just random quotations. These boxes have their own styling and the content would be dynamic. It would be quite straight forward if they were static (I just copy paste the HTML code) but it’s making them editable via WordPress that I’m not sure how to go about.

Note that these sections are not performing any special function but rather, just displaying content (title, text or image).

I guess my question boils down to:

How do I create any custom section I want in a WordPress page and make them editable / dynamic?

Reading up a bit, I came across concepts like: widgets, custom fields, and meta boxes. But I’m not exactly sure which one of these is the best tool or if there are better ones.

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