How do you approach block structured content?


I’m currently trying to learn how to create a custom wordpress themes and while the documentation is pretty great there seems to be a lot ways to implement things on your website.

What I’m struggling with is that I already have a static website which I’m trying to convert over to WordPress so that you can add/change content. The content itself is structured in a block/container way, sort of how websites like these have their content shown.

Basically different containers having different block patterns where those blocks have text/images.

I’ve looked around the WordPress documentation and there’s everything from using Gutenberg to custom field types, wordpress customizer, etc. A lot of options which are all pretty cool but also confusing to know which one to pick.

I’d imagine Gutenberg blocks would be more suitable for what I’m going for since having different Gutenberg blocks each representing the content in a different way would be easier and faster to implement.

Any ideas on what to use?

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