How do I set a specific template for sub-categories?


There’s a few posts about getting sub-categories to use the same template as their parent but I want to do something slightly different.

I have a category 67, and I want all sub-categories of 67 to use a specific template. Not the default template, and not the custom category-67.php template.

How do I do that?

I have the following code in functions.php, but it also seems to change the template of category-67

// use specific template depending on category
function myTemplateSelect() {
    if (is_category() && !is_feed()) {
        if (is_category(get_cat_id('67')) || cat_is_ancestor_of(get_cat_id('67'), get_query_var('cat'))) {
            load_template(TEMPLATEPATH . '/category-slider.php');

 add_action('template_redirect', 'myTemplateSelect');

Eventually I will want to add a few more categories to this also.

Any ideas?


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