How do I move my site from localhost to my domain?


Okay so I’m a complete newbie.
Things I’ve done so far: Install xampp, install wordpress, create a dummy site, have a web address I’d like to use.
The problem: My college provides homepages ( for the students. Now, the files are handles by nextcloud. We are supposed to basically copy our website files on the public_html folder on the nextcloud account. I tried doing this using HTML templates I found online and it works fine. But I can’t figure out how to get my wordpress site running. Is this because WordPress files are php? I’ve searched online and most of them seem to use cpanel but with hosting form godaddy and others. I have no idea how to go about using cpanel.

Tl;dr: Have a college assigned homepage. HTML templates work fine when uploaded to public_html. Made a wordpress site but can’t get it online. Need a walk through. Thanks.

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