How do I find a woocommerce product category featured image, with a SQL Select?


I’m trying to debug a strange problem with my product category featured images. Instead of using the image that I set on the product category page, it is instead using a seemingly random product featured image from that category. It started doing this on its own recently, and I don’t know what plugin it is related to, but installing a new install shows that it is not simply a bug in WordPress, woocommerce, or the theme as far as I can tell (It happens in default themes, my production themes and under Oxygen).

My question is not how to fix this directly, but how can I go into the database to check and manually set the product category featured image. I’ve been searching to no avail to find what I thought would be a straight-forward select statement, but I’m at a loss, and just don’t use SELECT enough to get this to work right. Thank you

Edward S Bernstein 2 months 0 Answers 13 views 0

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