How do I create a password reset link?


I have the registration workflow set so that my user have to fill out a gravity forms user registration form and then activate their account via a link in an email. The email link sends them to a page that tells the user whether their registration has been successful or a failure. Up on success, I would like my users to click on a password reset link on the activation success page to set their password. I keep getting an invalid link message when I construct the reset link. How do I do construct a valid password reset link?? Here is what I have so far:


global $gw_activate_template;

extract( $gw_activate_template->result );

$url = is_multisite() ? get_blogaddress_by_id( (int) $blog_id ) : home_url('', 'http');
$user = new WP_User( (int) $user_id );


<h2><?php _e('Your account is now active!'); ?></h2>

<div id="signup-welcome">
    <p><span class="h3"><?php _e('Username:'); ?></span> <?php echo $user->user_login ?></p>

<p>To set your password, select the following link:  <a href="<?php echo $gw_activate_template->get_activation_key(); ?>&login=<?php echo $user->user_login; ?>" >;key=<?php echo $gw_activate_template->get_activation_key(); ?>&amp;login=<?php echo $user->user_login; ?></a></p>

<?php if ( $url != network_home_url('', 'http') ) : ?>
    <p class="view"><?php printf( __('Your account is now activated. <a href="%1$s">View the site</a> or <a href="%2$s">Log in</a>'), $url, $url . 'wp-login.php' ); ?></p>
<?php else: ?>
<p class="view"><?php printf( __('Your account is now activated. <a href="%1$s">Log in</a> or go back to the <a href="%2$s">homepage</a>.' ), network_site_url('wp-login.php', 'login'), network_home_url() ); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>
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