How do I change the Multisite URL?


The links in the navbar menu, in (My sites > Manage the network) are pointing (and keep redirecting) to incorrect URLs.

The incorrect URLs are in this pattern:


Even if I manually entered the correct URL without the repeated https, I am redirected to the wrong URL again.

It seems that https//www is set somewhere instead of https://www, I can’t find where.

Places that I have looked and they were OK:

  • wp-config.php (DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE)
  • .htaccess
  • site table (domain only, with www but not https or /)
  • options table (situeurl and home)
  • sitemeta table

I haven’t updated any of the above-mentioned. They were OK. (So not cache issue)

I tried the Search option of my phpMyAdmin using https//www but didn’t return any match.

Where else should I look?

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