How do I add the same contact form to multiple wordpress sites and capture the response in one place or database?


I own a network of 100+ WordPress based websites. All website are separate installations of WordPress and are on different servers. I would like to

  1. create one contact form
  2. have it shown in the sidebar all of my WordPress websites and
  3. capture the responses in one database (instead of getting 100’s of emails).

Ideally the form would be created and hosted in one place and then embedded into the other blogs (via iframe or other method?). That way I’d only have to make changes to the form in one place and have them apply to all sites.

I know there are countless plugins for creating contact forms, but none that would seem to address this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Further, I’m not opposed to hiring someone to help with this situation if it’s beyond the scope of this websites.

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