How do I add schema markup to individual WordPress posts without using plugins?


I’m not a web developer and I’m not a very techie person either, so I’m sorry if any of the following information below wouldn’t make much sense.

I’m currently trying to add schema markup for articles on my site.

I used Google’s markup helper to generate the code for one post and inserted it into the section of my WordPress’ theme’s header.php file. I validated the markup using Google’s markup testing tool and the markup test result came back valid except for a missing headline.

My concern is if I’m going to add schema markup code to my theme’s header.php file everytime I publish a new post, wouldn’t that contain too much data eventually? (I have about 40 articles on my site and will be adding more). I’m under the impression that if there’s too much code or text in there, it might end up affecting my site’s performance in terms of speed (do correct me if I misunderstood).

Because of the worry above, I’m trying to find a way to add schema markup to individual posts, but without using any plugins if possible. My problem is I don’t know how to do it because there’s no in the HTML code of my individual posts where I can insert the markup code. (individual posts only have this code “” before the content).

Can anyone teach me how to get around this or if there’s any particular code template that I can use to add schema markup code to individual WordPress posts?

Thank you. (Sorry for the very long post. I just wanted to provide more context to my issue)

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